About us

The company Goldfein CZ s.r.o. started its bussines in 1999 as a representative of the parent company Goldfein GmbH from german city Salzkoten. Since 1923 Goldfein is a synonym for fine bakery and confectionary products, when there was initiated production under the trademark "Landbäckerei Ewers" in Paderbon, Germany. 

Nowadays, the production programme of our company is focused on manufacturing of products with 4-9 months of shelf life. About 60% of manufacturing consists of whipped mass products like swiss-rolls, round cakes, blockcakes, sponge cakes and different types of cakes made according to the long-standing german recipes. 35% of manufacturing consists of the traditional Pardubicky gingerbread and the coconut bar FLINT complements our portfolio.

Industrially produced gingerbread has been being manufactured in Pardubice since the beginning of the 20th century. Goldfein CZ produces gingerbread under the trademark PAMEP - PArdubický MEdový Perník (Pardubice Honey gingerbread), which is produced according to a traditional recipe. Our company has right to use this indication on the basis of registration of the geographical indication "Pardubice gingerbread" into the "Register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications". Nowadays, Goldfein CZ s.r.o. is the leading producer of filled gingerbread in the Czech Republic.

Sales are mainly aimed at store chains, a part of it is distributed to wholesale companies with food assortment and a part of it is exported abroad. Goldfein CZ s.r.o. exports its products to Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, to Baltic countries and several other countries.

Customers from all over the world can meet the products of Goldfein CZ at the biggest confectionary trade fair ISM in Cologne every year.