Goldfein CZ s.r.o. launched its activities, under this name, in 1999. However, the history of Pardubice gingerbread, as such, began many years earlier on the confluence of the River Elbe and River Chrudimka; our Company is a direct continuation of major Pardubice gingerbread producers of the earlier and the latter half of the twentieth century.

Our products are made at two sites: the company’s headquarters based in Pardubice, where the production’s primary focus is the production of sandwich gingerbread snacks and Flint gluten-free coconut bars; strawberry cakes, sugar-coated gingerbread snacks, desserts and petit fours are additional outputs.

At the Chrudim site, there is a facility producing confections made of whipped mass such as Bundt cakes, loaf cakes and rolls. At either of the sites, the production activities follow traditional recipes. At present, the Company’s programme is focussed on products with a shelf life of 3 to 6 months, mostly without the use of preservatives.

Goldfein CZ produces its gingerbread products under the brand name of PAMEP - Pardubický medový perník; they are made to traditional recipes consisting of a special, two-stage preparation of the dough. In the first stage, the dough is cooked and then allowed to mature for several days. The second stage involves the further processing of the dough into its final form for shaping and, subsequently, baking. The Company has the right to use the designation Pardubický perník (Pardubice Gingerbread) as a result of the brand’s entry in the EU’s Geographical Indications Register. Currently, Goldfein CZ is a leading producer of gingerbread snacks with filling in the Czech Republic.

Approximately 50% of the produce consists of baker’s products made of whipped mass and produced to recipes at the Chrudim site. The remainder of 50% is made at Pardubice site, consisting of, among other products, the classic Pardubice sandwich gingerbread snacks and sugar-coated gingerbread snacks. The product portfolio is completed with FLINT coconut bars, for which the trademark of the crossed-out ear symbol has been sublicensed to Goldfein CZ by the Celiac Disease Association.

Sales mainly target shopping chains; to some extent, the products are distributed to the wholesale food supply companies and part of the production is shipped abroad.

Goldfein CZ is certified according to the IFS Food Standard, making the production of our products safe and subject to strict hygiene requirements.

We are also holders of sustainable development certificates of UTZ and RSPO at the level of Mass balance. All of our certificates can be viewed below.